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goal, philosophy and commitment, expectations


            Simply put, our goal in Mustang Baseball Club (MBC) is to prepare our players for Fort Morgan High School Mustangs Baseball.  Through hard work, persistence, and dedication to teach, coach and play sound fundamental and aggressive baseball, we will reach those goals.  It is a collective effort on the part of the players, coach, parents, and the club, that will bring about these obtainable results.


                This level may require all or part of the following criteria and commitment on the part of each player, parent, and coach.  If you choose to play, coach, or be involved at this level, it is understood that you have made that commitment.  Please familiarize yourself with the MBC Expectations.


 1.       Games begin in late March and may continue into late July.  It is MBC’s desire to maximize the number of games played at this level in order to prepare these players for High School Baseball.

 2.       Teams may begin practice in March.  Indoor workouts during the winter will be a requirement and will be coordinated by the Head Coach to reduce conflicts with other sports.

 3.       Practices are not optional.  Players are expected to attend each practice.  If a conflict arises, please let your coach know.  A little communication will go a long way.

 4.       Additional fundraising may be a requirement in order to purchase equipment, uniforms, or pay for tournaments.

 5.       The Head Coach will determine the number of tournaments to play.

 6.       An understanding that the Head Coach and his assistants are there to help your children.  Your support will only enhance his ability to accomplish this goal.  Parents are asked to not coach their kids during games, especially from the stands or in the dugout.  We want the players attention focused on their coaches and team.  If this is an area of concern, please become the coach or assistant.  Players will remain in the dugout unless directed by a coach.

 7.       Parents will refrain from speaking to coaches before, during, or after a game with respect to issues involving playing time, conduct, or other issues of personal nature.  This is not considered healthy or productive.  The proper time is before or after practice, a phone call, or at such time the coach deems appropriate.

 8.       Playing time is strictly placed under the guidance and direction of the Head Coach and assistants.  There is no guarantee of playing time during  League games, other than the rules as prescribed under those leagues.  Tournament and non-league games are left solely to the discretion of the Head Coach.

 9.       If a problem or issue arises, please follow the appropriate chain of command: player – parent – coach – Josh Langford.

10.    Players / families not able to commit to this environment may be better suited to play recreational baseball.

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